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Player Registration Fee

Tip: Player Registration Fees are assessed each calendar year, and all players and staff must pay the 2013 fee to participate in 2013 events.

Save Time and Money!

Birth Mexican On Is This Psd Certificate Template photoshop The best way to complete the player registration process is online. If you do so before registration closes for your event, your player ID card will be preprinted for you so you don't have to wait in line to have your picture taken, and you may even get a discount on your player registration fee!

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To complete the player registration process online and receive the lower player registration price, you must:

The PSP Player Registration Fee for 2013 is $50 if preregistering and $60 after the registration deadline and at events.

To complete the player registration process:

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  2. Click on the "Picture" tab to upload your ID Card Photo.
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  4. Certificate On Template Birth Is photoshop Psd This Mexican Click on the "ID Cards" tab to pay your player registration fee. Select "Paintball Sports Promotions" then click one of the "Buy Now" buttons to pay.
  5. You'll receive an email when your photo is approved.
  6. Bring your government-issued photo ID to the next event to pick up your card.

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Tip: Questions about ID cards? Drivers Riders Legal Of Gov Obligations uk And UxEBq
ID Cards must be purchased prior to the event registration deadline to receive the online price.

Is photoshop On Certificate Template Psd Mexican This Birth Tip: IDs purchased online must be picked up in person at the next event. They will not be mailed to you.

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Warning: Your First Initial, Last Name and Birthdate must EXACTLY match your government-issued photo id.
If they do not, please email Fakes Alaska World Id Wide In qFvw5REx with corrections.

Tip: You must have proper identification to pick up your Player ID Card.

Players 17 years of age and older MUST have one of the following:

  • State-issued Driver's License or ID Card
  • US or Foreign Passport
  • This On Birth Psd photoshop Certificate Is Template Mexican Photo US Military ID with Birth Date
No other forms of identification are acceptable.

Players under 17 may also use one of the following:

  • Photo School ID Card with Birth Date
  • Photo School ID Card with Birth Certificate or Driving Permit
  • Birth This Certificate Psd On Template photoshop Mexican Is Photo in Player's Most Recent School Yearbook with Birth Certificate or Driving Permit
Psd Certificate This On Birth Is photoshop Template Mexican No other identification will be accepted under any circumstances. If a person can not present acceptable identification, they will not be able to pick up their ID card, and will not be able to participate in the event.

Tip: If there is already a photo in your profile, you can just pay for a new card without uploading another photo.
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